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Working together – Sharing Your Weight Loss Goals on Social Media

Working together - Sharing Your Weight Loss Goals on Social Media kyani

Working together – Sharing Your Weight Loss Goals on Social Media


Conventional weight loss interventions typically provide social support through face-to-face meetings. And while we know this is effective, it’s also costly and can create a high level of burden on the participants. Online social networking is an affordable way for a large number of people to connect and share triumphs and pitfalls throughout their weight loss journeys.

Some people might feel like sharing their progress online is braggy, but studies have shown that keeping track of your weight loss and sharing your success with others keeps you motivated and helps you achieve your goals.

Want to achieve weight loss faster and stay motivated to keep going? Here’s how using social media to track your progress can boost your results:


When you’re alone, no one is there to hold you accountable. It’s easy to put things off and convince yourself that you will start next week. But when you put the task out in the open for others to see, it keeps you focused on your goals. Crossing each milestone off your fitness checklist is a great way to stay consistent with your diet and workout routine.

Making a Connection

As humans, we crave social connection. Sharing our goals with other people allows us to nourish this basic need. Connecting with other people also provides us with positive reinforcement. Getting encouragement and support from others online and offering it to those in similar positions can inspire you to keep going.

Gives Meaning to Your Hard Work

Getting in shape is no easy task, so posting your accomplishments online also helps remind of why you started your down the fitness trail. Receiving responses such as “excellent progress” or a “job well done” motivates us to strive even harder and set more challenging goals for ourselves.

Stay Active Online and in Real Life

Dieting can be a serious issue that every once in a while you need to laugh about it, so having someone to share a laugh or two with can help alleviate so of the stress many dieters feel.

Thanks to 24/7 social support, like-minded dieters are able to share their ups and downs without feeling as if their being judged. Not only does this create a sense of unity, but it also helps us stay on track while trying to lose weight. Many people who work in businesses like Kyäni use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to share their goals and successes.

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