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Preventing Cancer Through Diet

Cancer can be caused by a variety of factors. Liver cancer, lung cancer  prostate cancer each have a similar culprit: chronic inflammation. We can thank excessive sun exposure for skin cancer, but of course there are other obvious culprits. Smoking, poor diet, and lack of physical activity can all lead to cancer.


While there are great treatments for cancer, to this date there is still not one all-curing or all-preventing drug, activity or remedy to prevent yourself from getting cancer. A combination of many things such as a healthy diet, physical exercise and an avoidance of drugs and alcohol are obvious. But recent studies show that there may be more we can do.


An Omega 3 Diet

Many experts, doctors and scientists have concluded that a healthy dosage of Omega-3 through either diet or supplement may help protect us against various cancers. One of the hallmark powers of Omega-3 fatty acids is the ability they have to reduce inflammation, both small and large. Where various cancers are associated to inflammation, fighting or reducing it could mean more than just immediate comfort from inflammation.


Beyond simply reducing inflammation, however, Omega-3 fatty acids have also been linked to the restriction of cell growth in tumors. On some occasions throughout various studies, the Omega-3 fatty acids were suggested to have caused some cancer cells to self-destruct.


What makes this discovery even more appealing is the effortlessness involved with adding Omega-3 to your diet. It is simple – either increase your intake of fishes such as salmon, tuna, halibut and trout as well as flaxseed and kale. Or, even easier at times, begin taking an Omega-3 supplement, such as kyani sunset. Supplements typically are available in the form of fish oil or krill oil supplement. Each contain an appropriate dosage of omega-3. For questions on which supplement is right for you, consult your health physician.


The Science Behind an Omega 3 Diet


Years ago, a study was conducted at Harvard’s School of Public Health in regards to the relationship between Omega-3 and prostate cancer. The study indicated that those who consumed fish, a source with naturally occurring omega-3 fatty acids, on average of 3 times weekly saw a reduced risk of prostate cancer.


Similarly, a study one in the Lancet showed that over 6,000 men studied over a 3 decade period saw a two or three-fold increase in prostate cancer if they had not consumed fish. Comparatively, those who consumed a regular, even high amount of fish did not see or experience any type of increased risk of prostate cancer.


Some sources argue that Omega-3 does nothing to prevent or eliminate cancer while other sources indicate that Omega-3 has a great impact on preventing and eliminating cancer. One thing is definite, though: Omega-3 has an endless list of health benefits that may surprise you. So if you are simply looking to prevent cancer in your lifetime, Omega-3 is a worthwhile addition, if not staple, to your diet or supplement regime.

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