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Why Is Eye Cream Important?

When it comes to skincare, there are some products that you simply cannot go without. Obviously, products such as sunscreen, face wash, moisturizer and makeup removal wipes are a daily staple. Some products, though, do not get the deserved attention that these other products get. Effective products such as anti aging serum and eye cream should realistically be considered just as important as the other necessary daily products.

Leading dermatologists, in both research and clinical realms, comment that the skin on our eyelids is by far the thinnest skin on our body. Combined that with the never ending movement from blinking – sometimes more than 10,000 times each day, and it quickly becomes understandable that that skin begins showing signs of aging well before other skin, specifically on our face. There is no other area of skin that shows our age like the skin around our eyes.

With this unique area of skin and its unique aging characteristics, no ordinary skin care can target the unique side effects presented. Enter the sophisticated skincare product you should be using – eye cream. This speciality product, that you should be using if you are not already, has some benefits you are probably unaware of such as the evening of skin tone giving the appearance of being more awake. In fact, when interviewed about the most important skin care product available for use, almost all dermatologists unanimously answer the same each time: eye cream.

One of the most common questions regarding the need for eye cream comes in regards to moisturizer and whether or not there is a need to purchase and use eye cream if you are already using moisturizer. Admittedly, moisturizers are amazing skin care products, some even miraculous in ways. However, they will never compete with eye creams since they are not formulated for the type of skin around our eyes for two reasons. First, there are certain ingredients such as menthol found in some moisturizers that are damaging to the skin around our eyes. Secondly, the skin around our eyes, being as thin as it is, is much more prone to irritation.

How to apply eye cream

One of the biggest mistakes made when applying eye cream is either applying the product in the wrong areas or using more than double the recommended amount. Regarding the application of eye cream, many people apply the product underneath their lashes or on the top of their eyelids. Yes, the eye cream should definitely placed near the eyes, just not in those spots. This is because after the application of product, it spreads as it becomes warmer. Therefore, placing the eyecare cream slightly away from the eye allows the product to absorb into more skin around your eye. Additionally, eye cream on your eyelashes stands the chance of irritating your eye.

Instead, the best way to apply cream is to squeeze a small amount onto one finger (about the size of a small grape or large blueberry) and place small dots of the eye cream around the eye socket. Place these small dots about a quarter inch from each other. Using this spacing you should end up with about 4-5 small dots of product around your eye. If you run your fingers about a half inch around your eye you can feel the orbital bone. Applying the eye cream there has been proven by estheticians to be the best place to apply the product.

One of the most popular tips for applying eye cream is to apply it in the morning rather than at night prior to going to bed. Many who apply their eye cream at night wake up to swollen eyes. After seeing this, many incorrectly assume that they have had an allergic reaction to the eye cream. The ingredients in the eye cream can slowly move into your eye simply because of the slope around our eyes. Our natural tears actually create a small pathway for the product to follow into the eye, later creating itchiness and puffiness around the eyes. Applying your eye cream in the morning will prohibit these negative side effects. Simply wait 10-15 minutes after you have applied the eye cream to put on any other type of product or makeup.

Finally, as is with all other types of skin care products and makeup, there is no one product that works on all skin types. If is best to always consult a dermatologist when looking for the perfect skin care product. As a final piece of advice, if you are looking to purchase an eye cream at a beauty counter or directly from a distributor like Kyani, it is recommended to purchase an eye cream formulated with hyaluronic acid. This acid is very effective at hydrating the skin as well as naturally restoring the protein in your skin.

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