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How a Gentleman Diets

The good news is that men have the edge over women when it comes to dieting or losing weight. Still, there is a proper way to lose weight. My take on that is that most men of a certain generation would rather eat snacks and drink beer, instead of trying to restrain their usual eating habits. However, today the modern man is more concerned about eating healthy meals that are chemical free. Certainly, how a gentleman diets affects his overall health. Today’s, men’s lifestyle is all about making healthy choices.

Real Men Never Diet
If dieting was a natural situation, more men would diet. I truly believe that you should avoid dieting. Dieting is a way to feel restricted. Feeling restricted leads to overeating all the unhealthy foods. Here is how a gentleman diets. Start with making the decision to eat healthier. Remember, it’s not dieting, you are transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. Certainly, it takes a fair amount of willpower, but this food plan is for the long term.

Eat Healthy Meals
Swap out the toxic ingredients that are hiding in your cabinets and refrigerator for fresh, raw vegetables and plenty of fruit. I like to stick with the lean cuts of meat for protein. I suggest opting for lean cuts of turkey, chicken, and fish over fatty cuts of beef. Add a fair amount of raw vegetable and fruit to your daily diet to get all the necessary nutrients and vitamins in your daily meals.

Eliminate Sweets/Salt
All the men’s lifestyle magazines suggest eliminating sweets and sugars for a healthier body. I’m one modern man that has learned that simply eliminating products with refined sugar added is key to controlling weight. It is also a good idea to reduce the salt content in food that bloats the body.

In the long run, how a gentleman diets is more about the individual and their ability to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.