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Skincare For Men

Guys, listen up. Or, if you are a woman reading this, pay attention for your man! There is a ridiculous belief that taking care of your skin is just something women should do. Perhaps these people believe that moisturizers remove both masculinity and wrinkles? Whatever the reason, it’s time to change this and start taking care of the largest bodily organ: your skin.

The Importance of Protection

Check out this image of a man who drove trucks across the country his whole life and never wore sunscreen, never moisturized or treated his skin (you can read the story here). The half of his face that was on the passenger side of the vehicle had minimal wrinkles, great color, and few sunspots. The side closest to the window, however, was a drastically different story. It appeared to be the face and skin of a 300-year-old man. He had massive wrinkles, severe discoloration and lots of loose, dropping skin everywhere. It looked unhealthy…almost sickening.

This illustrates, clearly, what happens later on down the road if we continue to not take skin health seriously.

I for one used to be one of those guys who thought it was too feminine to wash my face with fancy products, apply sunscreen, moisturizer, and lotions daily. I thought washing my face in the shower was good enough and if I wanted to go the extra mile maybe using aftershave. Now, you won’t catch me walking out the door unless I’ve applied my moisturizing sunscreen.

Making The Switch

You may be wondering how I made the switch. Well, it started a while ago when reading in the popular men’s magazines Men’s Health and GQ. Both happened to be running their annual men’s grooming awards for that particular year. Each highlighted the best of the best in products for hairstyling, shaving, perfumery, and skincare. I had expected to see the usual stuff for hairstyles and colognes, but the skin care section threw me off. Men’s magazines are typically known for emphasizing taking great care and pride in at least smelling good and having a decent haircut so seeing this other section made me realize I was falling behind.

The Results

I chose to invest in one of their top recommended products and see what happened. I was honestly floored that I felt as big of a difference in as little time as I did. Using just one moisturizing product combined with washing my face led to my skin feeling softer, less oily, more taunt and even getting a compliment that I looked great. Where had this secret magic potion that made me look better and feel more confident been all my life?

This led me to investigate the best skin care lines for men and the best skin care regimens for men. I quickly realized that I had a very limited knowledge of the skincare world, especially when it came to skincare for men.

To save you the time from tireless researching the same material, here are six steps I found and have introduced into my daily routine.

  1. Wash that face.
    We’ve all seen the commercials showing a woman at her bathroom sink splashing water slo-mo all over her face…and entire bathroom. What a joke. Invest in a facial scrubber. They actually cleanse your skin and pores whereas a big splash of water doesn’t really do anything. There are some scrubbers made specifically for men. Make sure to use a great cleanser too. You can head to the beauty section of your local big box store or visit retailers such as Macy’s or Nordstrom’s. I lean towards the latter as I know they carry better quality products and someone who knows waaay more than me can point me int he right direction.
  2. SPF and Moisturize
    Gone are the days of your skin being naked for the sun to kill it. Use sunscreen. Yeah, you won’t get a tan right away but you also are keeping cancer at bay. There are other, far healthier ways to even out that farmer’s tan look without putting yourself at risk for skin cancer. I currently use an SPF 110 with built-in moisturizer. It works great and only costs $10. It is worth it to spend $10 every couple months to prevent skin cancer. If you are older than 30, I would suggest purchasing moisturizers that contain anti-aging properties. There are two types of damaging rays from the sun, and no, that cheap sunblock you have been using does not block both. In terms of SPF, ensure that you get a Zinc oxide based SPF as it will block both UVA and UVB rays. Both of these products will become close friends to you as you should be applying them each morning before you leave home to start your day.
  3. Eye Cream
    This will be another new product to learn but invest in a worthwhile eye cream. They can be confusing to shop for and understand, but they are effective. I look for eye creams that have antioxidants, moisturizing and hydrating properties. With any skincare product, there is no one right product for you. Try one and if you are not satisfied or think there is a better solution, keep trying. There are plenty of choices out there.
  4. Nightly Routine
    Let’s fast forward to the end of the day once you are back home after a long day or work, play or traveling. Now it is time to do a deep clean on your face to get out all of the dirt, bacteria, and grime that have collected on your skin. Think about how oily and sweaty your face can get during the day. That oil and sweat will easily trap pollutants and garbage from the air, and over the course of the day, that will all get trapped in your pores. To deep clean, you can either use your face scrubber and cleanser again or periodically use a face peel to pull all of that garbage off your face. Hear me out on this. You will undoubtedly feel silly and possibly embarrassed when you first do this but trust me when I say it makes a very, very big difference.
  5. Serum
    Once you have cleansed your face of all the pollutants from the day, work on applying a face and eye serum. One of the key ingredients you want to look for in these products is Retinol. You can pick these products up at a big box retailer or a beauty counter. Similar to the other products, you will have better luck finding a quality product at a beauty counter. They often go by the names of anti-wrinkle serum or anti-wrinkle eye cream, or simply serum and eye cream. Many guys wonder why they can’t just put this all on in the morning and be done with it. It goes on at night after cleansing your face so that while you are resting, in clean air, the products go to work repairing and putting up new protective barriers for the next day.
  6. Moisturize
    Lastly, you want to apply the very same moisturizer and eye cream from your morning routine on top of the serum and eye cream you just put on. Yes, that is a lot of product. It really doesn’t feel like it though. Once you have done this routine a few times it will feel like second nature and add a maximum of 2-3 minutes to your prep time in the morning and at night.

After I read all of this the first time I felt like I had just been sprayed with a fire hose of information for hours on end. I was left wondering what products lines were the best, how much I should plan on spending, etc. I spent a lot of time and money trying skin care products you can buy at Wal-Mart to skincare products that are kept on the DL and used by celebrities and TV hosts. The truth is, yes, those higher-end products are great, but there are some products in the middle of the spectrum that for me, did just as great a job, if not better.

I stumbled upon the Fleuresse skincare line while doing further research online regarding my constant questions of what is the best skin care product for men. The Fleuresse skin care system offers a full line of products, offering me everything I needed to complete the skin care routine outlined above. They offer a cleanser, serum, day cream, night cream and eye cream.

Comparatively, the Fleuresse line is relatively new to the skincare world. It was developed by scientists and board-certified dermatologists from the health and wellness company, Kyani – a company focused on engaging in a healthy lifestyle. Beyond just offering skincare, though, they also offer incredible health and wellness products.

I ordered a line of their product and after weeks of using it am confident it is the best men’s skincare system I have ever used. I wondered what set it apart from the vast majority of other skin care products, though. Some quick reading confirmed that their line of skincare products contain plant stem cells from a very rare variety of Swiss Apple.

The plant stem cells work to speed up the recovery process and boost the performance of the skin cells multiplying and rejuvenating your skin. The cells in this apple were able to keep the apple fresh from spoiling for days and weeks longer than other apples.

Not only is this skin care system a legitimate skin care system for men and women, but it is a fair and underestimated competitor to higher priced and seemingly prestigious skin care lines. Follow the daily six steps to healthier skin using the products I have suggested and you, without fail, have healthier skin, notice that healthier skin and definitely feel the difference of living with healthier skin!

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