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Prévention du cancer par l’alimentation

Le cancer peut être causé par divers facteurs. Le cancer du foie, le cancer du poumon et le cancer de la prostate ont chacun un coupable semblable : une inflammation chronique. Nous pouvons remercier l’exposition excessive au soleil pour le cancer de la peau, mais bien sûr il y a d’autres coupables évidents. Le tabagisme, […]

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Les avantages d’un supplément d’oméga-3

On sait depuis un certain temps que les acides gras oméga-3 sont importants, voire essentiels, pour notre santé et notre bien-être. Fait intéressant, peu de vitamines ou de nutriments ont fait l’objet d’une étude et d’une analyse aussi intenses que les acides gras oméga-3. Dans les oméga-3 on trouve une variété d’avantages pour la santé, […]

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The Perks of Taking an Omega-3 Supplement

It has been known for quite some time that Omega-3 fatty acids are important, if not vital, to our health and well-being. Interestingly enough, few vitamins or nutrients have been the focus of such intense study and analysis as the Omega-3 fatty acids have been. Encapsulated in the Omega-3’s are a variety of health benefits […]

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Finding Time for Family Meals

Social media, screen time and increasing demands and expectations on society are taking their toll on our youth in the form of peer pressure, anxiety and stress; these factors can be a perfect storm for the risky behavior that often rears its head in the teenage years US News reports that “more than 90 percent of […]

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How Superfoods can Supercharge Your Diet

  What is a superfood? You have probably heard the term but may not know exactly what it means. There is no one definition, but superfoods are identified as foods (usually plant-based) that pack tons of essential vitamins and minerals and have been shown to reduce your risk of chronic disease. People who frequently eat […]

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Working together – Sharing Your Weight Loss Goals on Social Media

  Conventional weight loss interventions typically provide social support through face-to-face meetings. And while we know this is effective, it’s also costly and can create a high level of burden on the participants. Online social networking is an affordable way for a large number of people to connect and share triumphs and pitfalls throughout their […]

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Complete Nutrition is the Key to a Successful Diet

  Dieting for weight loss can result in physical stress, especially if you are breaking poor eating habits quickly. Your body becomes reliant on certain foods over time. Removing those foods can cause withdrawal symptoms. To lessen the stress, and to make sure you are supporting the detoxification process, it is wise to consider adding […]

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Eating Light – Tips For Eating Smaller Portions

  We live in a super-sized world. Almost everything processed that we eat and drink comes in large and extra-large sizes. We have tricked our bodies into thinking that visual clues determine how full we are. No matter how big that container is, we don’t feel full until we’ve eaten it all. One of the […]

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Tips for Posting Your Dish on Instagram

How to Take the Perfect Food Photography To some people, a plate of food is just that–a plate of food. But if you’re an Instagram photographer, you’re probably familiar with the idea that anything can be art. And a well-crafted meal, with pleasing colors, delicious seasoning, and carefully arranged plating can be just as artistic […]

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