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Finding Time for Family Meals

Social media, screen time and increasing demands and expectations on society are taking their toll on our youth in the form of peer pressure, anxiety and stress; these factors can be a perfect storm for the risky behavior that often rears its head in the teenage years US News reports that “more than 90 percent of […]

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Working together – Sharing Your Weight Loss Goals on Social Media

  Conventional weight loss interventions typically provide social support through face-to-face meetings. And while we know this is effective, it’s also costly and can create a high level of burden on the participants. Online social networking is an affordable way for a large number of people to connect and share triumphs and pitfalls throughout their […]

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Complete Nutrition is the Key to a Successful Diet

  Dieting for weight loss can result in physical stress, especially if you are breaking poor eating habits quickly. Your body becomes reliant on certain foods over time. Removing those foods can cause withdrawal symptoms. To lessen the stress, and to make sure you are supporting the detoxification process, it is wise to consider adding […]

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