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How Superfoods can Supercharge Your Diet

  What is a superfood? You have probably heard the term but may not know exactly what it means. There is no one definition, but superfoods are identified as foods (usually plant-based) that pack tons of essential vitamins and minerals and have been shown to reduce your risk of chronic disease. People who frequently eat […]

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Working together – Sharing Your Weight Loss Goals on Social Media

  Conventional weight loss interventions typically provide social support through face-to-face meetings. And while we know this is effective, it’s also costly and can create a high level of burden on the participants. Online social networking is an affordable way for a large number of people to connect and share triumphs and pitfalls throughout their […]

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Eating Light – Tips For Eating Smaller Portions

  We live in a super-sized world. Almost everything processed that we eat and drink comes in large and extra-large sizes. We have tricked our bodies into thinking that visual clues determine how full we are. No matter how big that container is, we don’t feel full until we’ve eaten it all. One of the […]

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